GolfCardGPS Features

Range Finder GolfCardGPS has a significant part of the world's golf courses mapped with up to 56 markers per hole. Viewing modes include:
  • Satellite View
  • Traced view (Patent Pending feature rotate, center, and zoom to always keep the golfer at the bottom of the screen and the green at the top)
  • Sorted marker list with arrows pointing in the direction of each marker.
Club Bag Organize the clubs that you actually use and record every hit you make (including swing strength).
  • Automatically, GolfCardGPS will record the club you tee off with and the distance on your score card.
  • Each club used can be seen on a map view.
  • Stats are produced for each club, including your averages for each club.
Scoring GolfCardGPS is the most advanced
  • Keep score for up to 8 players at a time.
  • Advanced scoring includes Tee Off Club & Distance, FIR, Chips, Sandies and Penalties.
  • Track up to 3 side games at a time. (Includes Skins and Stableford)
  • Share your scorecard with your GolfNet membership or via email.
  • AirDrop your rounds to your golf partners.
Tournaments Create an play in live tournaments with unlimited players from anywhere in the world
  • Anyone can start a tournament.
  • Scoring is net based so players of all skill levels can play.
  • Live leaderboards + sharing.
  • Great for leagues. League leaders can send an email to get scv data and put into a spread sheet.
Cloud Backup Protect your rounds by backing them up to the GolfCardGPS cloud. If your device is lost, broken or replaced, you can restore all your rounds with a single tap. Backing up has never been so easy - providing you peace of mind that your rounds are safe no matter what happens to your device.
Buddy Tracker Now you can track your buddy and their current location on a golf course, as well as their current score. Friends and family can watch them from anywhere - including home or work!
Download GolfCardGPS for your iOS device today.

Customer Support

Frequently Asked Questions
What happened to GolfCard a few months ago?
The hosting provider for the GolfCard cloud was recently compromised. As a result, the GolfCard cloud suffered a loss of nearly 8 months of data. Since that time, GolfCard has been acquired by StrackaLine, with the intention of bringing GolfCard back online and better than ever.

How can I get my scores from the GolfCardGPS Cloud?
If you are using a version of GolfCardGPS that is older than 5.4.4, you will be unable to retrieve your scores from the cloud. You will also be unable to post your scores to the cloud.

Before you upgrade to the latest version of GolfCardGPS, you will need to post your scores to a GolfNet account, otherwise, you may lose the scores on your device during the upgrade process.

Please note that we are still in the process of porting GolfCardGPS for Android and Windows phones over to the new company.

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